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Bath Street Boys School was a Secondary Modern School.

Bath Street Boys School

Before we went comprehensive in 1972, at the age of eleven children would take an exam to establish whether they were clever enough to attend a Grammar School,

Bakewell’s being Lady Manners.

If you failed the exam you attended a Secondary Modern School and in my case it was Bath Street School for Boys.

Sounds very grand - and in actual fact in my opinion it did in some ways prepare you for the real world even though academically you weren’t as likely to become a professor.

The Head Teacher at the time I was there was an ex army Sergeant Major who ran the school rather like an army camp with inspections every morning where we all stood to attention in blocks whilst he addressed us as MEN!

If your hair touched your collar your were sent to the barbers, if your shoes were less than pristine you were sent home to clean them properly, but it did teach us self discipline.

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