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Adrian Fewings (MBE) attended Lady Manners School in the early 1970s.
He along with his future business partner Martin Poulter and quite a number of other young people, including myself, came to LMS when it went comprehensive.
Adrian became homeless after losing both his parents when he was still a teenager, but with the help of his friend Martin he has now built an international aggregates firm with strong community links.
Adrian received an MBE in 2018 for services to business and the community. He said the death of his parents just two years apart was devastating both emotionally and practically.
We lived in a tied cottage so I had to go. I sold the furniture to get a flat but that was then condemned, so I had nowhere to go.
"I lived in a barn for three weeks before a friend, who knew about aggregates, started the business in a shed."
Derbyshire Aggregates is now a multi-million pound company, employing over 50 people across five sites, with a turnover of almost £20m.
"Being as low as you can go and coming back makes you tougher and more savvy. You are determined you are not going to go back to that place."
His company aims for a reputation for environmental sustainability and looking after its workforce.

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